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Work is something you do.
Not a place you go.

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Cloud computing -
the future starts now. 

Virtual Desktop

It’s no secret that “Virtual”
is the new “Reality” in the world of technology.

Hosted Virtual Desktop


Business is better in the cloud. ICC Global Hosting provides hosted virtual computing services that simplifies technology management for growing businesses. Connect your business to the cloud and focus on what really matters.

See how ICC’s solutions let you focus on your business.


Managing IT infrastructure can be a giant headache. Companies with the following symptoms need to call in the Doctor.

The Cloud is a Game Changer for companies...

Cloud Game Changer

Tell Me Where It Hurts...
  • Multiple Locations
  • Satellite Employees
  • Mobile Employees
  • End of Life Equipment -
    Big Turn Cycle
  • Growing
  • Experienced significant downtime event
  • Concerned about Disasters (natural and man made)

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